$ 239.99 AUD

Bringing together classicism and avant-garde in a formidable unique shape, Tepui takes its name and inspiration from the iconic South American tabletop mountain formation.

Tepui is a sleek and understated eyewear piece, yet is complexity and uniqueness lay on its particular details.

It features an oblong panto style silhouette with squared edges on both top and sides of the rims.


As reminiscence of the rock’s corrosion, the inner nose and end-pieces are beautifully hand carved showing off true craftsmanship.

Distinctive Samurai shaped temples are secured to the front part by a sturdy 4-screw hinge tightened by hand “cerniere ribattute a mano”.

The frame is slightly thicker at the centre and at the sides making up for a substantially strong and flexible eyewear piece.

Tepui Ice Matte comes with ocean blue polarized lenses with green antireflection coating, mounted in a transparent frame made of Mazzucchelli world’s best acetate in matte finish.

This model fits most of head shapes and comes in two different sizes: 47 (medium) and 49 (large).

Staying true to OBLYK’s tradition, Tepui is entirely handcrafted in Italy by expert artisans using only the finest Italian materials.

Lens specifications
Material: CR39
Category 3 | Polarized | Sunglasses | High sun glare reduction | Good UV protection

Size Guide


size 47




size 49